Death By Monkey


Formed in 2006 Death by Monkey bring an interesting take from the rock world onto the sound stage.

The first Album 'Out of Focus' is availble for download now... New tracks are added regularly.

Check out 'Refrain from Mysery'.

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Forget Descartes
Arkade Users' Rating: 6½

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Caught in a Wake
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
Short and energetic
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Refrain from Mysery
Arkade Users' Rating: 7½
Classic Punk Rock track - Green Day-esq
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Goodbye to what we both know
Arkade Users' Rating: 7½

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Not 4 Show
Arkade Users' Rating: 8

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AlbumOut of Focus EP
First 5 tracks available from the eagerly awaited ablum 'Out of Focus'. Fitting the album into one genre will be difficult. There are some grunge orintated rock songs, punk influenced, but also some accoustic rock tracks. Although the album shows diversity it is essentailly Death by Monkey!
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