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After years of quiet introspection, aimless meandering and listening to Thelonius Monk play b9s where he shouldn’t, papa dada finally came out of his shell, with an itch in his pants and a rock ’n roll attitude. The papa dada recipe is particular, in that it features no guitar: just piano, bass and drums . Hence a fresh sound from a band that happily toys with jazz, rag time, punk and classical influences.

papa dada’s story began around christmas 2004, amidst heartache and crisis. In a vague attempt to assert his identity, he called upon his friend Huby to help him record some tracks. Jude came along for the ride, and after a couple of jams, it was clear that the three of them could make enough noise and would not require any guitar.

The resulting demo landed them some gigs, that in turn led them to write more songs, and before they realized it, papa dada had become a proper band !!

papa dada are now looking to pursue gigging, writing, and conquering of the world.