Danny Lampkin


Hi am Danny and thanks for checking me out,i hope you like listening to my songs.I got my album coming out very soon and will you will be able to buy it right here,i hope you enjoy my music.
happy listening
peace and love

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News - Updated 1/4/2008

Danny is currently working with Acebryan7ox who has the most viewed page on youtube,his page is dedicated to the ufo genre with amazing footage and documentrys to watch,They have recently teamed up together and are making a number of songs which are based around the ufo genre to create awarness and hopefully help someway to get disclosure on information goverments are keeping away from the public. We are also hoping to make an album featuring these songs and more. We have 2 songs that are on this site for you to purchase and you can watch both the videos to these songs on youtube at Acebryan7ox.The songs where written by Acebryan,sung & composed by Danny lampkin.

Danny is also working on his own material which will be ready for you to purchase very soon. so stay tuned...