Danny Lampkin


Hi am Danny and thanks for checking me out,i hope you like listening to my songs.I got my album coming out very soon and will you will be able to buy it right here,i hope you enjoy my music.
happy listening
peace and love

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Danny has been writing for 17 years and has a wide range of writing skills,he has been working on his latast album which has been in the making for the last year and most recent has been composing and singing songs written by Acebryan7ox who has the biggest ufo page on youtube,the songs are based around the ufo genre which Danny strongly believes in and is very happy with the feed back of the songs he has been doing with Acebryan7ox he recently said" I think its about time someone stood up and started singing about this subject as most artists today haven't got the balls,as they are to worried about how the will get percieved,as myself i don't give a f**k" both song he has done with Acebryan are available to purchase.