Full Name: Andrew Hesford
Age: late 20s
Locality: Kidlington, Oxford
Utter Sadness
Unify(Dreamers Remix)
Broken World
Tracks to follow:
My way, Camper 2004, Blue Eyes, Unify plus many

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Track Credits

A thank you to my brother in law DJ Wingnut. He collaborated with me on one of my forthcoming songs Sexual Chillout
A big big thank you to Dance ejay with out this program my creativity would not mature.
An even bigger thanks to Katherine Hesford without her support I would of faltered.

Track Name: Broken World

Composer: Arranged and Created by DJ DAH

Track Name: Unify (Dreamers Remix)

Composer: Arranged By DJ DAH

Track Name: Utter Sadness

Composer: Arranged and Created by DJ DAH
Label: Beta records