Full Name: Andrew Hesford
Age: late 20s
Locality: Kidlington, Oxford
Utter Sadness
Unify(Dreamers Remix)
Broken World
Tracks to follow:
My way, Camper 2004, Blue Eyes, Unify plus many

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Who is DJ DAH?
DJ DAH is an artist that creates dancy/trancy/chillout tunes for people to listen to. His real name is Andy Hesford and he resides in Oxford, UK. 25 tracks later he has decided to try and make his mark on the music world by becoming a DJ. His latest track is called don’t forget the past is very different from some of his earlier stuff it is more downbeat than before. In addition to these 25 tracks he has unofficially created 2 albums His first MY WAY has tracks like Broken World, Devils with halo's and My Way.  His second album, has just been finished it is called BACK 4 MORE, this has is more emotionally charged songs like Utter sadness and Don't Forget the past
Have a listen to his music and let him know what you think. Thanks for reading!