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News - Updated 1/10/2007

What a year it was for Alabama singer, songwriter Chris Vaughn. His debut album "Chris Vaughn 1" racked up six # 1 songs on five different independant charts. He also scored a # 4 on in all genres.Chris' remake of "In Memory of a Memory" (Johnny Paycheck classic) climbed to # 18 on Soundclick in the country cover tune category, and "Out of Your Mind" shot to # 3 at Music Forte.
After 20 years in the music business, Chris recieved his first record deal in 2006 with independant record label Retrac Records. His new album is due out later this year. Chris feels very fortunate to have such a great new label who believes in his vision.
Chris' single " I still love you" recieved TV airplay on the PAX network in Nashville when it was featured on the Record Row Review TV show. He also appears on the TripleStrand Productions compilation album, "Country Legends in the Making", where he appears alongside country star Ed Bruce and his favorite new independant artist Kristi Warner.
Chris had never entered any type of songwriting contest, but reluctantly gave in to his wife and entered the I M A songwriting contest. The single "Backward" placed in the top five in this international songwriting competition. Chris wishes to congratulate Shawn Patrick McGraw, the winner of the I M A's for his song "Fiona".
2006 was also a great year for Chris Vaughn and "Real Country's" live performances. They not only hit the honky tonks and bars, but he and his band "Real Country" helped raise money for local schools and local non-profit organizations like EASI ( Equines Assisting Special Individuals).
Chris recieved airplay on countless radio and internet radio stations around the world. DJs are adding his music to their playlist daily.
In summary, his "record" speaks for it's self. For an independant artist who, as Chip Winthrow of Muse's Muse puts it,"Chris merits a shot at big-time success. He’s his own man, in charge of his own sound and image", You can bet we will be heari