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Album Credits : (Chris vaughn-bass-lead vocal-accoustic guitar-background vocals) (Charlie vaughn brock -backuo vocals) (David brannon-lead guitar) (Steve"rabbit"easter-steel guitar-pedal bro-banjo-dobro) (Bryan carter-lead / rythm accoustic guitar-baritone guitar-master mix) (Michael keeton-drums) (Mike bailey-piano) (Eric swann -piano) (tony griffith-harmonica) (David carter - engineer) (Sherry williams - graphics-webmaster) (Joe greg winsett - writer (500 miles)(hold on to her) (Ashley winsett - photography) (Danny Vaughn -writer(picture in my mind) (Producer Chris Vaughn) (Arrangments Chris Vaughn ) (Johnny Paycheck-R.Pate-writer-In memory of a memory) (Execetive Producer-Malissa Vaughn/Shelba Davis ) Songs-I still love you-Backward-Material Cowgirl-Out of your mind- Why me-The

Track Name: Out Of Your Mind

Track Name: The Wind