Hey, everyone, We're Arsenic and this is our new CD, Arsenic, Live @ the Carling Academy. You can download it here for £8, so go ahead, and feel free to check out some other bands while your here!

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Track Credits

All thanks, to Jw Wake, Mike Fleming, and Mathew Campbell for Writing and playing thematerial. Thanks to the Media STudies Staff at Liverpool Comunity College and Mike Fleming for Production and Recording of all live footage and Sound used for this CD. All thanks to everyone at Megatrip Records for Promoting,Publishing, and final mastering of the CD. Also Thanks to Shamrock Media Production for assistance in this.
Thanks to all our Friends and Family who helped support us, Motivate us, and Inspire in doing this and ultimately made this possible. And Thanks to all our fans who Still keep coming to the gigs.

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Track Name: Another Day Goes By

Track Name: F O K M

Track Name: Dead On The Floor

Track Name: Beyond A Joke

Track Name: Acoustic Song

Track Name: Deadly Substance

Track Name: Intro

Track Name: AHHH

Track Name: Hello Mikes Drum Kit

Track Name: Ladies And gentlemen MR MIKE FLEMING

Track Name: Technical Difficulties and Muffins

Track Name: Quiet Flem

Track Name: Come Out The Bar

Track Name: Thanks For Coming Put You F in Hands Up