Hey, everyone, We're Arsenic and this is our new CD, Arsenic, Live @ the Carling Academy. You can download it here for £8, so go ahead, and feel free to check out some other bands while your here!

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Hey everyone. This page has been set-up as our official downloading site for Arsenics new CD, "Arsenic, Live @ the CArling Academy". We have just released it and it is our first CD so be sure to check it out. Wether your someone who just stumbled accross this page or 1 of those few Die-hard fans, we try to make our music fun and energetic with random mad antics on the stage, so that everybody can enjoy it. Please Buy the CD, but even if you don't (i realise £8 is alot for a band you've probably never heard of) please do check out and find out more. We're always looking for new fans so keep checkin it out!