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From Doncaster UK, Al Stravinsky is a professional musician with over 3000 gigs' experience . His songs are built around honest, insightful lyrics; stories of love and life, loss and hope.

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This song was influenced by hours of listening to Sgt. Pepper, Disraeli Gears and similar on an old Dansette in my friend's house in my early teens. It's about love, parting, and the process of grieving, of remembering and forgetting.
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Sitting on the sofa with you
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If you ever had a friend that you fancied and you ended up at your place at the end of an evening out together, chatting, CDs playing, then this particular cup of coffee may taste familiar...
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Falling apart
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Maybe it's my age or simply the company I keep, but I do seem to lose a little bit of me somewhere everyday these days, and once lost they are gone forever: I'm terminally depleting. The song has Beatle influences I suppose due to them being just about the only band I listened to from being 16 to 25
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