wat do i like mmmmm music takes my mind of working 9 to 5 boring,, why do we have to work.
really into scossor sisterd pink madonna dido jet killers far to many to mention...

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Hi new to this game well the uploading side of it having been singing for wat seems like ages, like write lyrics that mean something to me and will relate to real life.
hopefully you will like the song,,,,, was going through a tough time, dosent everyone at some point in their life...... so i thought id put my feelings into music

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Title:  words from the heart
Created: Wednesday 14 February 21:49
Last Updated: Wednesday 14 February 21:49
Category:  General
Summary:will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, my offering to you put my heart and sole into this song, put all my feelings into words and it still didnt work, love  dead........

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