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Achim Schultz publishes his new album with a title song of the same name " Bye Bye George Harrison"
A tribute song for this generous one and warm lead guitarists of the Beatles

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Bye Bye George Harrison
Arkade Users' Rating: 6½
This is a tribute song written for George Harrison. The warm and generous lead guitarist of the Beatles. We remember the concert of Bangladesh..........
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The Wilburys USA
THE SONG "THE WILBURYS" the Wilburys are an american family, which had lived at 1900. The Wilburys had only one desire: to travel permenantly. They came with their last money from the west coast to the east coast.
 Introductory Offer: 1st 6 Tracks For Sale At $0.75

No Game Benefit Adopt A Minefield
Arkade Users' Rating: 7½
With this song we collect money for this of Paul McCartney supported relief organization Adopt A Minefield. We were very proud this we the best newscaster David Williamson from Los Angeles U.S.A. [$0.90]
Fender Strat 61 tribute song UK USA
This is one tribute for the Instumental band The Shadows and other more Fender Stratocaster Model 1958 Custom Shop VOX AC 30 Höfner violin Bass 500/1
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Stand By Me
A reflection of our society of today
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Don t Ask Me Why
Arkade Users' Rating: 5

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Lazy Sunday

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What We Need Is Love
It hasn't changed much since sang John Lennon "All you need is Love"!!!!!!!!!!
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Try It Again
Topic: The conflict between parents and children these are in the puberty
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Seven Days

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