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Tony Gits, a phenomenal musician, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist has played with the very best of contemporary musicians.

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Born in Kingston Jamaica, the reggae capital of the World, Tony is recognized as a talented actor, composer, producer, arranger, guitarist, vocalist and percussionist .Powered by his Rastafarian faith, Tony relocated to Canada in 1975 touring with the internationally known Ernie Smith and his band Roots Revival as vocalist and percussionist. Tony later became one of the founding members of the Reggae group "BLOOD FIRE" which performed at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica in 1982. While in the group "BLOOD FIRE" Tony perfonned as opening acts for some of the World's most famous reggae artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Third World, Steel Pulse, Gregory Issacs, and The Mighty Diamonds,JC Lodge to name only a few. In 1984 Tony relocated to California to embark on his solo career as vocalist and guitarist, performing at various venues in Hollywood and Los Angeles. While in LA Tony recorded the album "Give Jah The Praise" .In addition he performed with several bands

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