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Growing up on a daily diet of Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and John Coltrane, by the time he left Middlesex University Damien was already an accomplished songwriter, pianist, vocalist, model and actor

His rich tenor voice has hints of Paul Young, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald and Craig David all rolled into one very distinctive sound.

With an Honours Degree in Jazz Music and Theatre, Damien has effortlessly interspersed the two disciplines to gain a unique breadth of experience in the entertainment industry.

It seems now we are getting tired of the "X Factor" conveyor belt and the "music by numbers" mentality.

With the emergence of the new breed of singer-songwriters like James Blunt, Damien Rice and James Morrison, the tide is turning in favour of artists that can sing, play and write their own material.

Damien falls into this category.