9Lies are:

Stevie Mann - Lyrics / Lead Vocals
Dave Kernohan - Guitars
Nick Black - Guitars
Chris Cardwell - Bass
Stephen McAuley - Drums

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News - Updated 21/12/2006

Its an exciting time for the 9Lies crew.

The pre-album release mini tour, that has seen us travel the length and breadth of Northern Ireland has now ended : (

But oddly enough its not all doom and gloom, because the album is due for release across the globe digitally from iTunes and the likes from July 3rd, this will also coincide with availability in 2,500 record stores in the USA!

The new albums has already had 5 different tracks played on at least six Major Northern Irish radio stations and a vast arrey of International terrestrial and satellite stations, and its not even released yet!

These include the tracks known as 'Slippin Away', which got a welcomed spin on 'Cool Fm 97.4' before the water shed despite the lyrics 'Ahh Let me cum all over you' still being included, DOH! We also had the title track from the album, 'Behind It All' on Downtown Radio, thanks to DJ Johnny Hero who came to see us play LIVE in Newry, he then went on to describe the song as none less than 'Brilliant!' it was also played across the USA on the Indie Limelight radio show followed by 'the Gap' on Sky, and leaving those three up tempo demons on the back burner for a moment, Radio Ulster Broadcast the Ballady 'Too Late' describing us as 'A crusade as much as a rock band' for our stand against POP PAP! But I call that just pure sanity! and last but not least 'Blind' has had several spins now on U105 fm.

Meanwhile back at 9Lies HQ, everyone's getting fired up about some new songs that are not even on this album, and on my part that focus is on a great track called 'We are One' your in for a treat! for Stoogie (Stevie Skins) and Chris, its got to be 'Heaven is here' and I think Dave and Nick are right behind the aptly named 'Truth will Out' Do you feel album 2 coming on??? or a Film sound track??? stay tuned!!

We are due to hit the studio with these and more new songs with top Irish music producer Gary Aitken around August.

It doesn't get much better than this Ted!