9Lies are:

Stevie Mann - Lyrics / Lead Vocals
Dave Kernohan - Guitars
Nick Black - Guitars
Chris Cardwell - Bass
Stephen McAuley - Drums

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The debut album by 9Lies has been given a 'Fine Fine' boost by a stack of major Northern Irish and International Radio Stations! The title track 'Behind It All' was described by Downtown Radio DJ Johnny Hero (apart from the above!) as "9Lies, Sounding absolutely Brilliant!" with International acclaim coming from the U.S. in the form of DJ Khiki Kavanagh on the Indie Limelight show, with listeners in excess of 5 million, who has now found "A new favourite band in 9Lies", Following that came Radio Ulsters play of 'Too Late' where music critic Deci Gallen, described 9Lies as "a crusade as much as a band" for our standing against POP PAP! Followed again by U105's spin of Track 3 from the album, 'Blind' at the hands of Paul Boyd and last but not least were 'Slippin Aways' plays by Sonya Mac on 97.4 Cool FM and Robin Elliot on 96.7 Citybeat. And they are just a few that we know about!
9Lies Lead singer, and cousin of Kildare singer/songwriter Damien Rice, Steve Mann announced "We hit on a