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Shanty Star Collection 1.1 - Opportunity for a dream...
Shanty Stars Khuster, Matthiew, Lox, Soka, Victoria, Nasco, Okhule, Angel, China, Pepe, Chifelo, Zet, Masixole, Thandi, Nothemba, Nomtha, Antile, Lira, Cairo, Cheese, MTZ, Ukie, Bongs, Noxolo, Notombo, To, Tume, Zoli, Melvin, Nala, Ruru & Pam

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Shanty Star Records is based in the mother city Cape Town within the wide borders of the rainbow nation, in a country named South Africa. From here Shanty Star Records xpose, create, collect & produce global content. The Label is a stage for multi expressive mixtures of freestyle, traditional, avant-garde & world styles of music. Firmly rooted in the realm of originality Shanty Star Records is always interested in unusual sound projects & albums from anywhere in the world.

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Shanty Star was founded by West & Susanne in 2009 & is a global project to help discover SINGING talent in shack communities.