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GROWN AT HOME are quite possibly the UK's finest up and coming ska / punk band. Check them out now.

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GROWN AT HOME offer an exciting mix of fast-paced punk rock fused with hard-hitting contemporary ska, with sprinkles of pop and hardcore in all the right places.

Combined with a frantic and energetic live show, they have set out to earn themsleves a reputation as one of the UK’s most loveable and prolific ska-punk bands.

The band formed in the Summer of 2002 and have been touring up and down the UK ever since, earning support slots with bands such as Lightyear, Howards Alias, Adequate 7, The Fight, and Big D & The Kids Table.

They are also due to head out on the road with The Aquabats, Never Heard of It, and Captain Everything later this year.

2004's self titled debut EP launched GROWN AT HOME at an unsuspecting punk scene, and the result has been overwhelmingly positive.

Now you can get hold of a digital copy of the band's first studio recording with legendary punk producer, Iain Wetherell (Capdown, Lightyear, Howards Alias), right here!