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Compelling history, passionate dedication and self-proclaimed super-unique rock sound: Chairmen Of The Bored – Manchester’s hardest working band.

Drawing influences from a vast range of rock, pop and punk, Chairmen have constructed a distinctive sound - with their focus on unforgettable melodies, an effective less-is-more approach to the music, and that unmistakable British flair, it's no wonder they've been making quite a name for themselves.

The band says this of their sound: "It’s not pop, it’s not punk, it’s not emo. We cannot be limited to put our music into set genres, so we have stepped outside these limitations. Of course we still all each have our influences in the band, from All-American Rejects to Rise Against! And so over the years our music has just developed and we have ended up with a style that isn’t like anyone else’s, as anyone who has heard us will testify. That’s why I believe we stand out from the pack.”

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