“I want to give something unique to people in every aspect of entertainment. I have big dreams and I understand big business. The name of my company says it all and my vision is clear,” says a serious Calio.

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Raised in San Jose, California and residing in El Paso, Texas, Calio (James Greene) is an amazing artist. He personifies an enticing flavor that is a mixture of creativity, style and Hip-Hop. He always had a great interest in music and he learned a lot from his uncle, Lee Anthony Reynolds. Artistically, he will mesmerize you, but the combination of his business savvy and artistic aura has determined his destiny.

His destiny has taken him from California to many places in the world, including serving our country in Iraq for 13 months. Even on foreign soil the familiarity of Hip-Hop embedded his soul and he wrote song after song. He never questioned his place in the world, and when he was planted in El Paso a great union was patiently been waiting for him. The union of 720 Records and Calio’s, Big Business Entertainment is a universal gift to the world.