“Collectively, its sounds as if Chris Cornell, Axl Rose and Bon Scott are havig a brawl in a back street boozer on Easter Road, while Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon and Keith
Richards look on approvingly"

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Alfonzo can be safely labelled as a blistering crowd rousing rock and roll power quartet. They specialise in three minute power riffs with funky groove laden jams. The response at their most recent gigs has been so good that they have been given a monthly residence in a central Edinburgh bar. The recent spat of gigs follows a triumphant visit to Chamber Studios where ALFONZO have completed their new three track EP. The decision to capture a 'live sounding demo' produced a ten minute insight into the power of their live performances. ALFONZO are brothers Mikey and Chris Cook on guitar and bass and battlers Daniel McGeever and Andrew Innes on vocals and drums. ALFONZO need to be heard to know what all the fuss is about!