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Formed in 2000 under the name "The Rays" founder members Daniel Parkin and Steven Pickering began there emotional step towards what we all know as ..The Written Apology... The Derbyshire based duo began by recording and performing to local audiences of all ages, basing their style on early Indie with influences coming from, Stereophonics, Travis, Starsailor and Libertines they began writing there first EP. ..its all very mellow on the record.. says Dan Parkin, if I write something I write it based on something I would like to listen to. After numerous line up changes and nights spent up listening to heavier, rough guitar based music and experimenting with sounds Dan Parkin and Steve Pickering settled on one thing, ..I tired of toying with technology, let..s strip it all back and keep it rock n roll. I want to be on that stage performing live". We need to solve this line up issue once and for all what we needed was an older musician, someone that can take us in a new direction, please e