waking karma


We create...
We dictate...
We have our own...
Neo Classical Metal.

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We started as a band last March 25 2006 with the name of Second Sight.
We have made almost 12 songs and 1 revival ("Like a Stone" by audioslave)
Jo-anne Mangaran the original Vocalist and Allan Victoria the original drummer had left September of 2006,making a massive effect within all of our song.
We had made a lot of changes with our band line up and also with our songs.
On November of 2006 we had a major deal with the band Faded Glory to have their drummer as our Sessionist,and on April of this year (2007)
we had our new Vocalist that made her break on our 3rd Battle of the Bands competition.
Having a new and complete line-up we have decided to also have a new name called
"WAKING KARMA" (to recover fate).
Band Members:
Krizhel Asis (vocals)
Ral Baliola (guitar)
Allan "Jaja" Adia (bass)
Jericho Magpantay (drums)