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Coming from Italy and producing electronic music is a bit special these days, it has established some of the most interesting and succesful names in the music scene in the last years, both when it comes to artists and labels. A vawe of italian producers has spread over the planet. The tracks that has come out has most of the times shown a great sense for combining multiple layers of complex rhythms with the principles of straight house music. The rhythm and the groovey bassline combined with catchy synths and looped vocals, give a great impact and a very dynamic environment. Umberto Carmignani is another extreme tallent that has gain very good critics for his works on various labels specially for the EPs on GFR Records and Dave Angel's Rotation label. being a expert DJ for well over ten years he has experienced the development of the modern percussive and electronic music and has played with most of the people who helped develop techno into what it is today.