2003-2005 CAMA winners
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The WolfPack began playing music as a trio, with a bassist, a guitarist and a drum

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Formed in 1993 with only three brothers Darren, James, "Cheezz", and started playing regularly in local night clubs. As younger brothers became good enough to perform in the band they were tossed in the mix. Local club gigs later gained larger festival gigs and opening for more accomplished artists. After many hard blues nights, and having only a handful of original material, The Wolfpack performed on a national talent search held by APTN. Winning the grand prize of the opportunity to perform in the 2003 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards show was just enough incentive to produce an original album. This debut album consisted of songs written over the years and songs written during the recording sessions entitled "Every lil' Thing". After scratching the album together to submit to the CAMA's, and performing in the show, "Every lil' Thing" was awarded "Best Blues Album" of 2003 (The year of the Blues). The next year The Wolf Pack was awarded Best Group or Duo at the CAMA's. They have appea