hey were punk rock and its sweet but you know also visit us at pure volume we like B.C Rich guitars fender or sheckter basses peavey amps or our own custom equipmentment its cool

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This Is the speak no evil arkade site its like our pure volume but differnt enjoy

Its a long story which you can read on pure volume cause I'm lazey but you see theres a reson why we are called speak no Evil it cause me the front man Kenny. see april 23 2007 my mom died and just say 2 weeks before i dont know like april 3 my girlfriend left me how dose this relate she left me because when i get pissed I yell and if its a dude i'll kick there ass straight but any way I got mad and yelled real bad and she left now I'm pretty much trying to get her back. also the day before my mom died I can remembercalling her names and never apologizeing any way we right words for song and speak evil make little sense good because you suck if it dosn't its subliminal you figure it out but really were kind of a mix between old and new Punk on a mission to restore it and you listening is only helping so listen and remember to speak no evil cause if you do satan knows were you live