see emily pray


Guitar: Christian
Guitar: Don
Bass: Mary-Suzanne
Drums: M'liss
Vocals: Tina

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See Emily Pray is a new Portland band featuring former members of
Stabitha and Almost Milwaukie. Their music brings together influences
as varied as New Wave, Gothic, Psychedelic, and Metal.

Pinning down the rhythm is M'liss on drums, her inventive rhythmic
devices honed through years of playing and teaching in Pittsburgh and

Mary-Suzanne's riff-based growling bass tones underpin the band's
thick tapestry of sound, adroitly straddling the line between rhythm
and melody.

Weaving the accents across the top are Christian and Don on guitar.
Their lines and tones combine elements of rock, jazz and psychedelia.

Tina brings poetry and melody to the mix: Soaring over the landscape,
sweetly singing her twisted pictures of fairy tales and horror shows.

Together, See Emily Pray binds ether with earth: guitar-driven songs
ride solid rails of rhythm, grinding undertones buoy simple melodies,
heavenly vocals carry through unexpected twists.