we got webspaces all over at moment,we on soundclick,bebo,yoohaa,please vote for us and leave meeages etc,all feedback helps us to do better!
any collab ideas?ring bri or email him .

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hey nevilles!!! im nathan,aka mr.smith aka nk-11.
i am a co-writer with dbp (dizzi-bastard-productions), and co lyricise with the main man of the setup, bri johnson aka dizzi b aka buckphast.
we been gettin messed about a lot recently hence the fact we have no mastered finished products as of yet,but are at the fian stages,we just need to master the lyrics over our beats (with decent mics),and we gone be ok.
watch ma space, the final cuts are not far away, they the best hiphop tunes in yorkshire at the moment, and when theyre done,were sure we are gonna be big!(we wish).
(we always remember those who help us at dbp)
any positive input will be well rewarded in the future,so,you got any ideas,email me or bri, we have started a collective and want it to grow worldwide,humble beginnings we know, but,we got it,you just aint heard us yet!