To use sound for reaching ones inner being and causing a change for at least the
duration of the melody. To use sound for waking into the now and once again feel
anew and like a child again, fo

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Pure Content. No wasted energy of the time allotted to each track. Therefore squeezing out all the juice and giving you 100% Vitamin Thump and Fat synths. This music demands large speakers.

Ammunition for the floor or meditation.
Nothing special here, just a sharp shiny sword.

Another NENO production. (aka Qnerve, aka Rene Suchil).

...he noticed his thoughts had a sort of mind of their own. Not only that but his thoughts, having his tone of voice, were saying things to condemn his spiritual belief. This event inside of himself which was bringing him down was the turning point for true creativity for Rene. By studying more about Scripture and spiritual ideas, depression turned into happiness, just like that. This is how he realized that true rebirth occurs inside and not out side of man. He realized that the thoughts he called his own, his "I", were in fact independent of his true self. And ofcourse, this is good news to be shared with all.