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Hakan Ozlucan- piano, guitar, vocals
Kivanc Bosuter- guitar
Ilica- bass
Emre Koylu- drums


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Gordium & Muzik|o|tek proudly present nem’s second studio album,
K R I S T A L I Z E,
released in January 2009.

The Turkish alternative/pop/rock band nem has officially confirmed with
K R I S T A L I Z E that they are one of the major bands revolutionizing the music scene in Turkey. The eleven track album combines clean guitar and piano sounds with a futuristic pop/rock sound, including some jazz and electronic references.

Distinguished music critics throughout the world recognized nem immediately following their debut album ‘Guneste Yanliz,’ published and released by EMI Music Turkey. Select tracks from this album landed nem in two different compilations albums, presented by EMI Music France and Petrol Records, which were distributed in over 25 countries.

While the musical compositions of K R I S T A L I Z E were created by nem, the lyrics belong solely to nem's vocalist, Hakan Ozlucan, including “Yas Canlari, an adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca's "Clamor."