I am young, well young ish! lol, I dont have much musical teaching behind me, But I am a tryer, I love the sound of an acoustic and piano, the songs I write are all what comes from myself.

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Hi, I just like to pick up my acoustic and strum a few chords, some days the words come out to match, and hopefully there is a pen at hand so I dont forget what I just sang, The songs I have uploaded are songs that come from myself.

There is no special techno stuff in these recordings, just me and my acoustic and a mic to pic everything up for recording, what you hear is Just how I perform my music.

Hope you enjoy

Thank You :)

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Title:  Hi All
Created: Monday 22 January 22:54
Last Updated: Tuesday 23 January 14:45
Category:  Chat
Summary:Just saying Hi to anyone who enters here

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