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Live culture, mixing the rhythms of reggae around.
Influences reggae, zouk, beguine, African groove, Jazz, Latin, gnawi
The passions of the music group, people, concerts ...
"Abyssalistes" 2002
"Hold up Symphony" in September 2011

The meeting with musicians from different backgrounds lead fortunately many collaborations and constructive.

It is from these meetings that unexpected Colourman and Bertie Grant (Big respect to these precursors "responsible" for planetary hits ( listening on two titles at www.koulirou.com) were naturally and humbly "mixed" with Koulirou to "hold up Symphony." on the instrumental version of the title "Arrimé" Jamaica has arisen with energy and determination. the result is "Weatherman", a combination that is a title more in the new Koulirou's Album "Hold up Symphony" which confirms one thing: the way is open for the creation and mixing of pulses of Greater and Lesser Antilles with the Indian Ocean and the Maghreb. Projects are