1. Victim of my anger
2. Laugh
3. All the power

It's classic rock. It's modern rock.

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The 3 songs here are from Kastadyne's current album Eleven Complaints. The Complaints are:

1. MENTAL Victim of my anger
2. POLITICAL All the power
3. MUSICAL Never mind
5. SOCIAL I don't know why
6. ECONOMIC Greedy needs
7. SUICIDAL Food for blood
8. PERSONAL Don't waste the bullet
9. PHYSICAL Chickenator
10. OPTICAL Blur in the mirror
11. OFFICIAL Rat race

Victim of my Anger reached #1 in the soundclick.com charts in the alternative rock genre from among 113,000-plus songs.

Kastadyne have a growing following in Mumbai. Kastadyne's music is being acknowledged for its unusual themes and musical hooks. If you love classic rock and/or modern rock (without getting too-metal about it), you will probably enjoy the songs of Kastadyne.

For more information on the band, visit www.kastadyne.com

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Title:  #1 on Soundclick charts!
Created: Thursday 07 June 06:18
Last Updated: Wednesday 13 June 16:58
Category:  General
Summary:Kastadyne's 'Victim of my anger' is now #1 at soundclick.com in the alternative-avant rock genre.  http://www.soundclick.com/genres/chartsSub.cfm?genre=Alternative&subgenre=29&currentpage=1

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