IRRITANT - Live Free-Party Techno P.A.

:: purveyors of filthy, banging, warehouse-style beats

:: all tracks recorded live and unsequenced

:: previous releases on Isotope Recordings ©

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IRRITANT are a live tekno duo, OB1 and Chill, who performed live, unsequenced techno at underground clubs, squat parties and warehouse raves in the late 90s and early 00s. The emphasis was always on live production values and a raw warehouse-style sound.

2001 saw the launch of their own vinyl imprint, Isotope Recordings.

All recordings were unsequenced, performed and recorded live to emulate the feel of the duo's live act.

Only one release ever made it to the pressing plant - 2001's offering ISO1201, featuring the tunes "Science Faction" and "SubTerrain". Although the record proved popular and despite the fact that Irritant had already recorded the next two releases, Isotope Recordings have not pressed another record... yet.

Chill went on to form new record label Dirt Box which has so far enjoyed 5 excellent releases, with the sixth on the way.

OB1 has continued to work on solo projects and has some new tunes in the pipeline.