Upcoming shows:

Jul 14 2006 SUMO, Leicester
Jul 20 2006 Junktion 7, Nottingham
Jul 21 2006 Barnton British Legion, Northwich
Jul 27 2006 D n R Bar, Sheffield
Jul 31 2006 The Vaults, Derby

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"Hinterland are a reincarnation of a golden age of indie, grunge rock. They are a resplendent hybrid of the Foo Fighters, Incubus and the Pixies. Perhaps what Feeder could have sounded like if they had got to know Josh Homme. Their hard but charming melodies are just a component of Hinterlands interstellar appeal; you find yourself thrumbing along, despite not having heard the album before, and wondering why you havent heard it before now. Each song is as grand as it is catchy. Like many great events, the journey is far too brief. The vocals are a blend of Trent Reznor and Chris Cornell. The final product is a voice that possesses as much aural magnetism as The Mars Volta. A fresh sound that is at the same time rich in legacy. Electrifying guitar mixed with rasping vocals. To hear this album close quarters is divine, but somehow the reaction is larger than expected. In other words, this is an undiscovered rock gem." - www.Moshmonkey.com May 2006