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Graystar were formed in the Autumn of 2003 by singer-songwriter Dominic James who decided to move to Edinburgh after writing an album of material in his hometown of Liverpool. The band was at first a three piece with Craig Finnie (lead guitar) and Neil Hartley (drums/percussion) coming on board, this was completed with Tim Dyer (keyboards) and John Reynolds (bass) in March 2004, the month the band began gigging. Since then, they have been working on the original material as a working project, enabling the music to evolve and producing new interpretations of the songs.

2005 will be a definitive year for Graystar in performing and recording new versions of the songs, which will be available as mp3 samples on this site. We hope for your interest and support, and look forward to the work of the musicians who are helping to inspire the realisation of this musical project.

Graystar will be releasing their first full album at the end of 2005.