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Commonly referred to as 'gilflo" because of his signature flowing style of real time production, Gilde Flores' knack for laying down dazzling tracks has led to a booming career as well as the recognition of much of the music industry as being a ready, steady, hit-maker. Before his success as a producer, Gilde was a well respected self taught musician, courtesy of his father's relative knowledge of the piano and guitar. After playing lead and bass guitar in two bands, both signed with major labels, Gilde made the jump to working as an engineer behind the scenes for an affiliate of Universal Records. It wasn't long before he decided to make the move from low key engineer to hit making producer, after his peers realized that he was sort of a prodigy when it came to making hot songs. From rock to hip hop, and from down tempo slow jams to reggaeton, Gilde Flores continues to shake up the music industry.