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I am college student and now a podcaster and a college radio show host every fridays I am hanging out with the best dam radio show in nyc! the dooghouse with jv and elvis the show can be heard every day from 9-12noon! on 92.3 free fm in nyc get your prank calls interviews talent tuesdays race wars your news all in a action pack funny show! and a show that have a sexy guest booker earica by the way she is one of my finalest for my first lady! and so is flesh she is a part of the doghouse army the greaest fans ever! the doghouse is the only show you will here me in stuido with the kings of radio! you want to here the true funny? the doghouse is where it is at baby! at rugters newark on mondays will be the big d zone on wrnu from 5-6pm I am getting ready to wrok on my cd big d deshon house given by the doghouse army! I am also an actor the movie special needs will be out on dvd in june of this year! may be in theathers? I love to entertain and yes I am still running for pres