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Remember that buzz, that overwhelming rush of adrenaline you got when seeing a band play your favourite song live? That feeling you get that says, "Yes! This is why I love music!" Well, Cutback brings you that every time.

Boasting the sort of muscular hook-driven rock that most guitar bands would give their right arms for Cutback are one of the best new bands on the block. The band comprises; Chris Sammacicci providing commanding vocals and blistering guitar whilst the twin groove-machine of Karl Jagger's tumultuous drums and Simon Taylor's cool, throbbing bass are matched by some honey-sweet but powerful three-part harmonies. So impressed were clothing giants 'O'Neill' by their track 'Saves The Day' that the song appears on their latest DVD, a sponsorship deal following shortly.

The band have also built up a great reputation as a fearsome live act, their kinetic shows winning people over wherever they play. Matching their powerful and catchy songs, and great arrangements.