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Singer Songwriter Cheryl Casselman sings the song her Dad wrote, with the help of her nieces, nephews and school friends... Christmas is My Favourite Time.

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This song was written by Les Casselman and is sung by his daughter and grandchildren and their friends singing the chorus. Christmas is My Favourite Time, is a very special song and is the first song that Les Casselman has written. It was recorded and given to him as a Christmas present Christmas 2007! It had been previously recorded but never released as Les was not happy with the production. The remake it was done exactly the way he had imagined it! Squeezing into the studio his Grandchildren, Adam, Amanda, Ben, Emily, Bryce, Dylan (age3) and some of Emily's friends from school, Lydia, Sean, and Meaghan to sing the chorus, Christmas is my Favourite Time was born. Cheryl Casselman, Les' daughter sings the lead and says about the song... "you can just tell when you have been a part of something special, this song has a life of it's own!"