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Urban Strings is a fresh and exciting new project by Caroviolina bringing you hip-hop violin to the UK, an eight piece band playing dynamic urban music and incorporating contemporary conventional classic melodies with a fusion of modern day urban and latino grooves. From Bach to Busta Rhymes influences include Kanye West, The USA Hip-hop violinist -Miri-Ben Ari and Black Violin. This project is hot of the press, Urban Strings will leave you mesmerized by their high energy performances!

CAROLINE OWEN,More than just a violinist...........a glamourous and exciting musical showgirl! Her live sets include dance, contemporary, rock, jazz and latin melodies. Since graduating from the Leeds College of Music with a BA Hons in Jazz and Latin music in 2002, her career to date has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Amongst the many memorable highlights, she has worked on TV/Radio,festivals and I've even run away with the circus - not once, but three times! Caroline's a real peo