eletric acoustic and bass guitars:(brad orrison) vocals: brad orrison (Little Red Corvette), Brad was the stunt double for Prince in Purple Rain.

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Brad orrison is the sole member of bradleykitt, he is a native so. californian USA. he has been a working hollywood stuntman for appox.28yrs. an has been in cover bands for about as long.he started writing music seriously for the last 5yrs. he has a song on the web that he wrote and preformed called (urban decay) for a movie trailer called(behind the screams) for the movie (urban decay). drop him an E-mail at( he will send you a upload of the song Urban Decay for free!. loooocck out!

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Created: Wednesday 09 May 09:35
Last Updated: Wednesday 09 May 09:35
Category:  Blog Archive

Title:  urban decay movie trailer(behind the screams)song written an preformed:bradleykitt
Created: Sunday 08 April 00:21
Last Updated: Sunday 08 April 00:21
Summary:movie trailer for (urban decay) called (behind the screams) song title:urban decay, written and preformed by brad orrison,brad also starred in movie as(pusshead)had to act and do all (pussheads) stunts,soon to be released.

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