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Stefano Oreto song writer and producer, use to work in Rome and london where in 1985 had an experience with Ian Dury and Chaz Jankle of the Blockheads, this story changed his life and so he became a pop rock song writer.His heart is in the English music world.Director of documentaries He works as a videomaker too and use to do the videos of his songs of corse, but he works as director for other musicians videos.'s only rock'n'roll....

Track Name: I SAID

Composer: stefano oreto
Producer: stefano oreto
Musicians: stefano oreto

Track Name: Life

Composer: stefano oreto
Producer: s. oreto
Musicians: stefano oreto

Track Name: bass etc

Composer: stefano oreto
Producer: s.oreto
Engineer: me
Musicians: stefano oreto and the drum machine
Publisher: me
Label: me

Track Name: Love is a guessing game