I play music already since my youth and was in different bands,
as a guitarist or as a singer.We had gigs in discos and youth clubs and very much fun.Unfortunately, the ways of different people divided and last end alone with his music one remained so.

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cold angel
The wind blow from east and around to my heart it/s cold, I see a shadow among water and heaven hoodwinks my mind it/s real it/s true, my eyes look a wonder it/s real it/s true? but the shadow comes closer and I trace it/s will colder. [$1.20]
Werde ich je wieder gluecklich sein
sorry the Description is only in german,butI know many people also in understand it.Nie wieder wird es sein wie es wahr,nie wieder wird es sein das ist mir klar,niemals wieder kommtwas ist gescheh/n,doch trotzdem möchte ich dich wiedersehn. [$1.20]
you don/t smile
I see your face and you don/t smile, tears in your eyes do you cry? what is happen happen with you, can I help,I can help you? [$1.20]