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News - Updated 26/10/2006

Ras Paulo, surename Paulo, born in the Island of the Sun ex-Portugal Colony Republic of CAPE-VERDE.Santo-Antao, where the sound of music is on the air day and night.His father himself was a singer and guitar player too...Sitting around in palm tree Sunshade, playing guitar and singing with friend´s Backed by the sound, and the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean Sea.


RAS PAULO GRATA PERSONA * Musica (Dance, MP3, 06:50 min) * Lisboa (Dancefloor-Pop, MP3, 05:25 min) * Rastafarai (Roots, MP3, 03:24 min) * Persona non Grata (Roots, MP3, 04:36 min) * Lonely Road (Roots, MP3, 03:51 min) * Inna Berlin (Roots, MP3, 04:54 min) * Cabo-Verde (Afrikanisch, MP3, 03:13 min)..