Everything is connected
Creation is an ongoing process
Frequencies exist in all things
Harmony is one.

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News - Updated 4/11/2006

A reporter’s story
An interview with Radfax and the filter flasks by Steve Harris

A little voice in a big noise plugs into the world net.

At a secret location somewhere in London I met up with Radfax and the filter flasks. They are a rather illusive hip/rock/pop band and hard to track down but when I eventually got to meet them I found all the hassle had been worth it.
I first saw Radfax and the filter flasks in January 2006 at a gig in north London.
I had seen a blog entitled, "A day in the life of Radfax". I went on to read the bands profile which made me curious, in particular this quote;
"Everything is connected
Creation is an ongoing process
Frequencies exist in all things
Harmony is one".
With my curiosity aroused, I followed the instructions and made my way to the gig.
There was nothing unusual about the venue, minimal stage size, some cheap spotlights and a PA manned by an especially stressed out sound engineer called Derrick, resembling Frank Zappa without a fag.
The first two bands were very similar to each other, and if I didn't know better I would have said the same band just changed their clothes and played two sets.
Radfax (and the filter flasks) were up next, a five piece band who looked like they'd just got up from the crowd, the word casual would best describe the look. After a few technical glitches the swearing of the sound engineer was replaced by a crunching electric guitar riff, and a thumping bass, by the fourth bar a funky break drum kicked in and a Korg pulled it all into one big fusion.
The front man Radfax then began to lay it on the crowd.
By the third song I was starting to feel that this band was doing something new and progressive, it wasn't just the music it was the words within the songs, the subject matters were sometimes a bit close to the bone, but the overall message was a very open eyed look at the nuts and bolts without dressing it up, and I wanted more.
Unfortunately the overly stressed sound engineer be