Independent band from Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Official site www.potion13.org

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News - Updated 21/9/2006

The band is: danielle langlois (vocals), brian harps (guitar), nathalie"naty"baril (bass), simon-pierre dube (drums).

Potion 13 started in the year 2002.. Our first album "porte-bonheur" (lucky charm) came out in november 2002. It was recorded at media musique studio in montreal. Since then:

65 appearences on tv of our show (recorded nov. 2005) at the metropolis.

More than 350 radio shows have played our songs. More than 350 websites host an artist page for our band, more than 350 host our mp3, so many have a link towards potion13.org, all that leaded to over 1,000,000 downloads of our mp3, all over the net, all over the globe.

Our songs were on more than 100 charts grabbing first position on many of them.

2 interviews on radio, one on radio-canada and one on cism.

An interview for urbaniatv on tv5 world, one on bande a part tv. Our music was featured on bikertv season 3.

We made the front page of revue on roule, les nouvelles de l'est and journal de rosemont.. More than 11 interviews (news papers, zines...) more than 15 supers reviews of our album porte-bonheur that is distributed in germany and also available in many montreal stores like freesonrock and on the net.

26 shows, one with the gala boxerock, in the sold-out metropolis, one at the molson park, where, 5,000 people were "quebecoitiser" celebrating the fete nationale de la st-jean, the freedom party, ...these shows attracted thousand of people. That made possible 4 supers nice reviews of our shows, one on quebecpop.com.

Thanks to all of you that helped us, from near or from far, in the rising of potion 13. We, sincerely, appreciate it!!!

Version francaise (sans accents...)

Potion 13, groupe independant de rock lourd quebecois!!!

Le groupe est compose de danielle langlois (voix), brian harps (guitare), nathalie"naty"baril (basse), simon-pierre dube (drums).

Le groupe commence en 2002. En novembre 2002 arrive la sortie de l'album po