I am young, well young ish! lol, I dont have much musical teaching behind me, But I am a tryer, I love the sound of an acoustic and piano, the songs I write are all what comes from myself.

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Artist: menephes
Genres:  Acoustic
  Easy Listening
Mood: Reflective
Description: No matter how hard you feel that it rains on you, with all the crap thats thrown at you day in and day out, on the news, in the papers, your boss, and the rest of society,theres one thing they can never take from you that always puts a smile on your face,and thats the true colours of your personalit
Language: English
Cost: $0.35

Track Credits

Producer: menephes
Engineer: menephes
Musicians: menephes
Composer: menephes
Legal Notice: Copyright:

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Length: 00:01:52 (hh:mm:ss)
Bit Rate: 80 kbps
Sample Frequency: 22050 Hz
MP3 Mode: Joint Stereo
MP3 File Size: 1102 kB
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