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News - Updated 8/2/2007

Terryl Godoy, Man At Work, is a Belizean artist described by Gayle Nichols in Art: Alive & Well In Belize as "very much his own master". Street scene painter Terryl has made his mark on the Belizean art scene by sketching and painting little documented Belize scenes such as the canals that traverse Belize City and of old buildings such as the newly dismantled Belize City Market.

At twenty-six, Terryl Godoy is one of Belize's young prominent artists. He is proud of having exhibited in Jamaica, Trinidad, Honduras and Belize. As well, his art is available for purchase in New York. Mr. Godoy is preparing for another exhibit in Jamaica later this year at the invitation of Mutual Life Insurance.

Many renowed establishments such as law offices and banks display Mr. Godoy's work. He finds beauty in the unique city of Belize and strives to share that message with his viewers.